Blog #11: JN Films Update

Dear JN Films community and beyond,

I want to update you all about some changes happening within JN Films. After internal discussions, the JN Films business team will be dissolving along with our streaming service JN Films+. I will still be running the business, but likely on my own for the next few stages of the company. The rest of the team will still have creative involvement within the group and have their projects supported. We felt that this was the best direction to go in as this allows for each of us to better support ourselves and each other to the best of our abilities. This was a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one in order for each of us to best succeed in this stage in our lives.

I want to thank my outgoing business partners Nathan Beaton, Phil North and Luke Disney for everything they have contributed to JN Films business over the past year. I also want to thank them for their support personally and creatively over the years. I very much look for to working with them on creative projects that inspire them in the years to come.

Pertaining to JN Films+, that feature has now been shut down. Multiple sections within the streaming service will be retained (Movies/Downloads/Blog), some will stop (Shows/Podcast/Social Features), and the rest are TBD. The show Nate+ will complete production and be fully released on YouTube in the near future. Another show Peculiar Chairs will still be pursued, but in a flexible timeline and will eventually be released on YouTube. Also, the music video project 5 Acts will be reclassified as a film (instead of a show) and plans to shoot next month. Statuses of all other projects that have been exclusive to JN Films+ are TBD.

All business services (Videography, Photography, and Design) will still be active within the business. These services will now be the primary focus of the company.

Again, this was a difficult decision for all of us. Any support to the four of us we may receive during this transitory period we'll greatly appreciate

JN Films has been my life for the past 10 years, and I have appreciated those years. I hope that the group can continue for another 10 or more.

With love and appreciation,

Justen Noll


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