Blog #17: Operations Update

JN Films's recent Board of Advisors meeting came to this conclusion: 2020 needs to be different than 2019 in order to move forward.

After having reflected on the 2019 year with others, there's a lot of disappointment and a lack of enthusiasm going forward in the company's current state. A lot of opportunities fell through for us, making the business services part of the operation non-profitable. In the end, the decision became clear: JN Films needs to focus on being a community-based production company instead of a business services entity.

Here's what JN Films will look like going forward:

  1. As of now, JN Films will remain registered as an LLC in 2020.

  2. Business services will still be available, but the efforts surrounding creative and community-building initiatives will be on the forefront.

  3. Multiple creative features on the website will return including (but not limited to) the Blog, the JN Films Online Art Gallery, Nate+ and more.

  4. Justen Noll will only be directing the feature-length efforts as other new/returning directors will handle short-film and episodic duties. Noll will serve as a producer on those projects.

To celebrate these changes, JN Films is co-hosting a Holiday Party with Technical Genius Solutions next month. To learn more, visit the event's Facebook page.


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