Blog #18: A Moment of Gratitude

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, obviously. At this point of the year, we give thanks, reflect and warm up during the cold, impending winter months. First comes the giving of thanks.

I am thankful for a lot within JN Films this year:

  1. For the new folks who took a chance on becoming apart of our community (e.g. 'Passage' cast, 'Alarm' lead Kaz Phillips).

  2. For those that continue to be apart of our community (e.g. Phil North and Nathan Beaton AD'ing 'Passage', Luke Disney co-starring in 'Alarm').

  3. For the new kinds of creative ventures taken (e.g. 'Nate+').

  4. For the fun in each stage of the production process.

  5. For the potential projects arriving/filming in 2020.

  6. For re-evaluating JN Films as a creative community instead of a business services entity.

  7. For having the core members there with me through the ups and downs.

  8. For allowing creative and personal empowerment through new opportunities.

  9. For moments of pause within spurts of inspiration.

  10. And lastly, for allowing the forthcoming reflection and appreciation of the journeys taken and the people involved.

Happy Thanksgiving from myself and JN Films!

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