Blog #19: December Shoots

Some might say that it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, but some years for JN Films: it's filming season (along with celebrating the holidays, of course). Here is a look at all of the productions shot in December since 2012:

  1. 'The Life of a Congressman' (2012)

  2. 'the One and Only' (Filmed 2013, Released 2014)

  3. 'VAL' (Filmed 2014, Released 2015)

  4. 'To My Sister' (Filmed 2015, Released 2016)

  5. 'The Bear' (Filmed 2015, Released 2016)

  6. 'How to Talk to Girl Gamers' (2017)

  7. 'Somewhere Else' (Filmed 2017, Released 2018)

  8. 'Clap' (Filmed 2017, Released 2018)

From Production of 'Somewhere Else' (2018)

This week's writing isn't going to be just that list, don't worry. The idea of this post is to highlight the special qualities of this time of year for us. Everyone within the core of JN Films are typically busy with either work or college throughout the year; this time of year allows us to come together, spend time together and create something.

Coming together with new and/or returning folks to shoot this time of year is quite a special thing. As previously stated, logistically it can be hard to make that happen. Fortunately, most years we're able to make it work.

Spending time together on spring, summer or winter break shoots are drastically different than shoots that take place at the other times in the year. There's a stronger sense of fun, familial-type bonds and destination.

Lastly, we get to create something, whether it's art or an overall experience. Having both pursuits adds a layer of beautiful subtext behind each production.

From Production of 'the One and Only' (2014)

Only ~15% of our shoots take place in December, but it's still worth noting.

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