Blog #21: Business Dissolution

JN Films first started with one idea. That idea grew into a film, then 50 more, but ultimately it grew into a community.

At the beginning of 2019, JN Films became a business. Tough times tested us all, but we have all been resilient in our own ways, even with major changes made along the way. I’ve made mistakes along the way, but that comes with being human. Sometimes there’s things that are out of your control in life, like being human. With that lack of control, sometimes a new path opens up that’s better than the previous one. I have been blessed with that opportunity now, to go on a better path. Because of this, JN Films will close its business operations at the end of February.

There’s a lot of thought behind this, and I would be lying if I said my health and the Company's finances didn’t factor into this. In the end, an opportunity to simplify, enjoy my life presented itself. There’s a path ahead that allows for movies to made, artists to be supported. There’s a path ahead that includes spending more time with the love of my life, Kenzi.

People love this community for the artistic adventures, not the business ventures. That’s why moving forward instead of moving on will be better for not just myself, but the community that was built from creativity and collaboration.

Thank you to those that have supported us. This isn’t the end of something, we’re just getting back to the heart of the matters.


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